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Empowering Excellence: Unleashing Potential, Nurturing Growth, and Elevating Success
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Helping leaders to take the next step in their learning journey towards becoming an effective leader.

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Unlocking Excellence

To make the most of human talent and potential; inform, educate, and inspire people to reach their professional goals; create a work environment that challenges, supports, and respects people. To help people to accomplish their goals faster and easier, with less stress, more emotional awareness, awareness of others, and more enjoyment.


Management & Leadership

This course will explore the fundamentals of management and leadership. It will look at the difference between the 2 topics and how the two are interconnected. We will review how the mission and vision of an organization are crucial in guiding both the leader and the manager in his/her focus and operations. We will look at organizational structures and the importance of navigating within an organization (policies, politics, and influence leadership and management.)

Emotional intelligence course

Emotional Intelligence

In this course, we will discuss Emotional Intelligence (EQ), including understanding what is EQ and what EQ is not. This includes understanding the basic competencies of EQ, such as self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management.

We will also cover EI challenges in the workplace, as well as within your organization. Attendees will walk away with an understanding of the benefits of being more empathic while holding others accountable. We will also cover how to have a better awareness of our own ‘feelings and trigger points’ for EI.


Effective Communication Skills

As a learning outcome, you will learn how to adapt ways to give enhanced communication to staff – mentoring and coaching staff through improved communication skills. You will also learn how to have better active listening skills, how to create a culture of constructive feedback in communicating, and how to give and receive constructive feedback better.


Decision-Making & Problem Solving

The course will focus on the processes of decision-making and problem-solving. We will dive deeply into decision-making as it relates to addressing various issues, challenges, and opportunities within your organization. We will review making decisions as a leader, particularly the influence of judgment and the overall decision-making process.

  • PIECES :
    • P – Pinpoint
    • I – Identify
    • E – Evaluate
    • C – Commit
    • E – Execute
    • S – Succeed
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Learning outcomes will address various decision-making styles, as well as the PIECES Model and the benefits of good decision-making.

*Adapted from the Successful Manager’s Handbook – PDI – Personal Decisions International*

Stephen W. Oliver, Ed.D. – HRCVision

Dr. Stephen Oliver

WHO IS Dr. Stephen Oliver

Dr. Oliver has recently recreated and developed a leadership development program for new high potential leaders and a refresher for those leaders who are seasoned. Topics include what makes a leader, emotional intelligence, using your strengths, active listening, performance management, crucial conversations and team effectiveness. This program is a great way to enhance leadership skills during challenge times.

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Conflict Resolution Skills

We will review various sources of conflict and conflict styles. We will also cover resources for conflict, including how to accept conflict as natural and discover your own perceptions and attitudes about conflict. We will work to understand how conflict develops in relationships and how to identify resources that can be of assistance with conflict.

Performance Management

This course will take a look into Performance Management, including its various definitions, and discussing around the factors that make up performance management. We will identify the various elements of employee performance and look closely at performance management systems. This includes looking at the bigger picture in how performance management and employee performance connect to your organization’s core mission and values.

Team Effectiveness

We will cover the various benefits and challenges of teamwork, as well as define the various elements and stages that make up a team. You will learn what creates effective team members, and how these elements work to create principles of team success. Exercises will cover how to create high-impact team effectiveness. 

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