This was a comment from a student of mine tonight in an Organizational Behavior class! 

This statement came from her 3-year old son about his mom who was working so hard in her health care job!

She was shocked that her son said this at such a young age. She was amazed he was so frustrated that she was working so hard and came home in a bad mood. After hearing this, she went to work the next day and turned in her notice, and found a much better job within 45-days!

We were discussing happiness at work and the mindset of working so much.

This was an enlightening comment and got the entire class to thinking about work/life balance and what makes us happy in the work we do.

Many students said that family was so important to them. Having the flexibility to work, but yet attend to family duties and spend time with their kids and partners (dogs  & cats) was so important!

This was such a powerful lesson learned in class tonight! I learn so much from my students!!!